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Oct 2nd to 6th: Cleaning completed - on to the next steps!

This week all of the cleaning and consolidation of flaking paint to the reredos was completed. This has revived the appearance of original and historic paint schemes to the stonework. It has also prepared the reredos for the final aesthetic stages of treatment. This will involve filling and retouching of prior losses, which is due to take place in the upcoming weeks.

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All the crenel repairs have been carried out, and an inscription ‘R’ was found at the top of crenel #3. Crenel #8 has been re-fixed and filled, with one original pin remaining and the other replaced by a titanium rod.

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Next week, scaffolding will be erected to carry out cleaning of the stained glass to the east window and treatments will commence on the 13-zinc panel paintings back at Hirst’s Fine Art Studios.

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