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Baptism, also know as Christening, is a ceremony usually performed on young children. It really is a lovely celebration, as it welcomes that child into the Christian community by sprinkling water on to the baby's forehead.

Children are brought to baptism by their parents. The parents choose their child's Godparents, and together they promise to nurture these children in the Christian faith and life of the Church. This carries with it a commitment to bring them to church, and encourage them in their faith as they grow up, especially at times when other agendas may begin getting in the way! 

At an appropriate time they are later admitted to Holy Communion and then Confirmed, should they wish to be.

Baptism at Geddington and Weekley

We look forward to welcoming you at St Mary Magdalene’s or St Mary the Virgin’s; our two churches offer baptism to everyone and we aim to make it a rewarding and memorable experience.

To enquire about booking a baptism, then please contact Mary'Ellen Bevitt  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.